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January 2018: New Cyc Core API Suite v1.1.1
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Cyc APIs

Cycorp provides a suite of Java APIs for updating and querying the Cyc Knowledge Base. This site provides Javadocs, tutorials, and more.

Cycorp is pleased to announce its new Java APIs, the Core API Suite:

  • KB API - Streamlines the lookup and creation of terms and assertions in the Cyc knowledge base.
  • Query API - Tools for asking arbitrarily complex questions of a Cyc server, and dealing with the answers.
  • Session API - Defines the basic functionality for connecting to a Cyc server, and is used for this purpose by all the other Cyc APIs.

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Ontology Development

New to Cyc? We recommend these tutorials to get started on ontology development.

The Ontologist’s Handbook explores the principles of ontology development and knowledge editing. Handbook sections include Writing Efficient CycL, KE and OE Tools, and CycL Queries.

Or, view more ontology development resources.

Cyc Administration

Resources for running and managing a Cyc server:

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You can report issues via the Cycorp Issue Tracker on GitHub, and we periodically check Stack Overflow for questions tagged with ‘opencyc’.