Session API

The Session API defines the basic functionality for connecting to a Cyc server, and is used for this purpose by all the other Cyc APIs. The Session API replaces the need to directly manage the configuration, creation, and caching of CycAccess objects that was common in the (now-deprecated) OpenCyc API.


The primary use of the Session API is to provide the parameters so that the rest of the APIs can access the desired Cyc. If no configuration is provided, applications using the Cyc Java APIs will pop up a window asking the user to specify the host and port where a Cyc server can be found. In contexts where no windowing is available, the program will suffer an unrecoverable error and terminate.

A number of mechanisms are available to specify the Cyc server. Details may be found on the Session API Configuration page.

Connection Management

The Session API's SessionManager is ultimately responsible for overseeing connection pool management. Connections may be reused across sessions, and in most cases, you should not need to worry about directly creating, caching, or closing connections to Cyc servers. However, when necessary, it is possible to force the SessionManager to close connections.

For details, see Session API connection management.