Cyc XSDs

Some Cyc results and output are available as XML. This collection of XSDs describe the most commonly-used Cyc XML outputs.

These resources are available on GitHub in the cyc-xml repository. The schemaLocation attributes for the XSDs in this directory assume that other Cyc XSDs are available under

  • Cyc Concepts

    XML schema for Cyc concepts.

  • Cyc ML

    XML schema for CycL terms, including constants, formulas, assertions, etc.

  • CycL Query

    XML schema for CycL query specifications, including query sentence, microtheory, and inference parameters.

  • Formula Template

    XML schema for formula templates. Used for loading CycL query specifications from a Cyc image.

  • Lightweight Result Set

    XML schema for minimal result sets used for autocomplete and simple query results.

  • Proof View

    XML schema for proof-views, a natural-language justification format.

  • Text Processing

    XML schema for text processing results.